Sunday, September 10, 2006

Can one be scientific and yet spiritual?

Can one be scientific and yet spiritual? The simple answer to this question, this very important question of our age is an emphatic “yes”. It is perfectly possible to be scientific and spiritual simultaneously.
It is not only possible, It is also desirable. It is not only desirable, but urgently so. In fact, to be both is one of the most compelling challenges facing mankind today.
If in our individual and collective lives we fail to be both scientific and spiritual any meaningful survival of mankind could very well be extremely doubtful.
Human destiny is no longer any exclusive speculative concern of self-forgetting philosophers. It has become everyone’s personal concern.
What happens to mankind affects you and me. What you and I think and do affect mankind, common men and women though we ma be. By being truly scientific and yet spiritual we can make the present and future of man abundant and meaningful. This will require proving, theoretically through at this stage.