Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love and Life Chapter 1...

Hi Friends…

Here is the story, I was talking about…

“How I met my Swing”
This started way back in 2005, when one of one of my most liked possessions was stolen which put me in a trauma, only way out was to quickly replace.

Scene 1:

This is where it starts; I went in to a shop with some money in pocket to look for what can catch my eye and after lot of catwalks, I saw a beautiful Bike dressed in RED, 18 Gears (Max available in Jaipur at that time) and all what I was looking for, so the perfect marriage was done, I got what I wanted and she got a Man who will take care of her.


This is how life takes turn; priorities change, job was expecting more of me and I had a mutual pact with it, this meant loosing lot of interests and focusing in a new direction of life. But unfortunately I started spending less time with this beautiful thing parked right there in my porch. She aged gracefully, taking all the rain, Jaipur’s fierce Sun, Cold and all the weather changes for almost 4 years, rusting slowly and turning all red and not just the dressJ.


This is the how Realization happens; we had dozens of parties in our porch, and my gal attended them all, standing quietly in a corner sometimes beneath a sheet or my car cover. People saw and pity her all the time, as they remember the glorious past and amazing time spent. Then one day, there was an opportunity to take her out for a long run with some good friends and she was just not up to it. It was not her it was me who had to solve this for both of us.

Scene 4:

Life takes another turn; the pact was made for one of the Saturdays. So after many Saturdays the final one had come…We were ready for our first trip together after a separation of almost 4 years, this was getting all exciting. It might not have been the best to ride together as it was on a Auto or tuk tuk, 

which could barely fit both of us together (I had put on a little weight since our last ride together ;)). So we arrived at the location, you can call it a place where many such hearts meet; it was a Bike shop ;). The guy directed me to the workshop and hence the overhauling of our relationship started. She was totally dismantled in a polite manner and then put back with quite a few new equipment's, with the most essential ones, breaks, gears and shockers working in perfect manner. Both of us accepted that you cannot heal all the scars life has given you but you can always give it a fresh start. We were all ready to call it our new start.

We came back hand in hand and with many dreams to fulfill in near future. Wish us luck and we will keep you updated about our life ahead…

P.S. Read between the lines...

Zubin & (…) (Still thinking of a Name ;)), Now I understand why is it difficult for parents to name their kid :)