Monday, October 02, 2006

Agitation !

Don’t you think world around us is changing rapidly, faster then we can imagine, it make ones head spin when you are searching something on internet, there are millions of pages to go through before you get exact match, thanks to Google, its like Metallica uttering out trillion words in a sec.
Movies like “before sunset” and “Sideways” are not made any more, sometimes I feel this is a bad time to be in. every one seems to be in a race, which has no pit stops.
But then you see movies like Swadesh, Rang De Basanti, Gangajal, Apaharan and lastly Lage raho munnbhai.
All these movies brought an agitation in the world around us, I felt very satisfied when I watched these movies, that yes there are people who are thinking about how to get this country to progress path, I might be wrong but movements are necessary, to liberate any region/country/company from its stuck up attitude.
There is phenomenon where people attempt to speak on any topic even if they don’t know anything about, these days there is a new word “Gandhigiri”, young guns are searching this word on google to have something to speak upon, but they are disillusioning them selves and the world around them by not knowing anything and discussing, this will not get the word closer to any conclusion and yes conclusions are very necessary and people should think about it.

Vijay Dushmi !!

Today is Vijay Dushmi, the day when Lord Rama brought Ravana to end.
I was also called to a small get together at park in front of my house, at first I thought its auspicious to see all this and being a audience to victory of Rama in some weird reincarnation type of way.
But when I saw grass of the park getting spoiled with all those crackers etc, I felt really sick. I thing people don’t understand the word spiritual, it’s a difficult word to follow any way, but it certainly propagates thought of not being pitiless towards nature.
I mean do you see how much we pollute the nature during these festivals, and then we talk about no rain, not having good weather and hate harsh sun in October.
Lot of things are changing around us, buying a SUV to show the muscle of our money is unsympathetic and very annoying for nature, SUV drinking gallons of gasoline for few kilometers is rude.
So people we need some change here and need to make the work a better place to live.
How MJish this last line is, but any way do keep this in mind. :-)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Can one be scientific and yet spiritual?

Can one be scientific and yet spiritual? The simple answer to this question, this very important question of our age is an emphatic “yes”. It is perfectly possible to be scientific and spiritual simultaneously.
It is not only possible, It is also desirable. It is not only desirable, but urgently so. In fact, to be both is one of the most compelling challenges facing mankind today.
If in our individual and collective lives we fail to be both scientific and spiritual any meaningful survival of mankind could very well be extremely doubtful.
Human destiny is no longer any exclusive speculative concern of self-forgetting philosophers. It has become everyone’s personal concern.
What happens to mankind affects you and me. What you and I think and do affect mankind, common men and women though we ma be. By being truly scientific and yet spiritual we can make the present and future of man abundant and meaningful. This will require proving, theoretically through at this stage.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

IT Revolution and its Impact...Part 2(Innovate)

The idea which I wanted to propagate through the system was to be a part of this technology revolution, so what is to be done to make our self a part of ITRev (Information Technology Revolution)?
The core thought which comes to my mind is innovate!!!
So what does come to your mind when you think of innovation? I think of Microsoft Windows, Dell, Wall-Mart, Harley Davidson, Google. Why These?
The reason to choose these companies/products is due to a fact that they all respire on innovation.
Classic dictionary definition of innovation is the process of making changes to something established by introducing something new.
“The term innovation may refer to both radical or incremental changes to products, processes or services. The often unspoken goal of innovation is to solve a problem.” (Wekipidia)
So innovation is the central thought which prevails through my thought process as a solution to many questions. I understand the system we are working in, we have constant pressure of deadlines certain set of goals to meet. But to innovate anything we need problems, for which new innovative ideas are to be designed. But to have these problems one needs to understand the system from a different prospective, form a user point of view. Which is the only way we can know about pros and cons of the system or application, by now we all must be proficient with insurance sector, some of us are, if not we need to work in that direction and understand the domain from within.
This will give us the power to think on a required path. Consider this as just an example because we are a part of this domain.
But vital or central contemplation still remains unchanged “INNOVATE”.

IT Revolution and its Impact...

In today's complex and intelligence-intensive world economy, it is becoming obvious that, in organizations as in nations, totalitarian governance and bureaucratic management are incompatible with high performance Bureaucracy is dying because it produces organizations that lack the systems for assembling a collective intelligence and use IT in a productive manner for growth to think both globally and in local detail, both near-term and long-term, and in terms of both freedom and community. We all love this change; I think you all will agree with this.
The point which I am trying to make over here is that; Information technology may be viewed as autonomously impacting society. However, it may also be viewed as a product of society, created through its needs and molded by its values. From this second point of view, the development of information technology may be modeled as a succession of social learning processes arising out of the need to cope with an increasingly complex world.
Only now in the fifth generation and beyond are computing systems becoming able to interact with people at the levels of the higher processes of the mind. Thus, their major impact is yet to come.
Amazing technology advancements are being made now in cycles of months and weeks, not years. It’s hard to envision what the capabilities for computer users will be in two decades. By 2020 a massively multi-core, multi-threaded microprocessor will run one thousand times as many computations per second as today. That means enormous gains in productivity and efficiency, giving us unimaginable power to access, organize and transform information.

At the end let us note that the understanding of the processes of knowledge, induction and problem-solving that are necessary to the development of future generations of computers is equally applicable to human development. The tools of humanity change the world and humanity itself. If we view the development of computing as a symptom of a changing basis for civilization then we can begin to gain some glimpses of the future. If we view it as autonomous technology causing problematic and unwanted change then the future will continue to be opaque.
With this I want to initialize a thought process regarding following point of thoughts, with respect to information technology- its impact and revolution we are living in:

The Information Technology (IT) Revolution.
Implications of IT revolution.
The Product Cycle under the IT Revolution.
Future Technologies.
Insurance Sector growth with IT.
How to add to this revolution.