Monday, September 22, 2008



Sharing our experience from the first trek we had with EITS (Organization where i work) team.

Location: EITS Conference Room
Time: 11:15 AM
Date: 5 September (Friday)

It was a general meeting when we went out of items to discuss and took a tangent our new topic was picnic. Due to its mass scale it was switched to an idea of Trek, which actually is a better idea when we are in exploration age and phase. Every one is learning at a faster speed during this period and hence is ready to experiment.

So the decision was made very quickly, explorers gave their name and nodded with approval. Time was set for Sunday 4:45 AM (not at all a regular SundayJ), meeting place was near Old EITS Office, and event was called Beta-Trek so that a base can be created for rest of the team at EITS and to test my past experience (3 year old) of the same.

Location: My Room
Time: 4:50 AM
Date: 7 September (Sunday)

Music- “I get knock down, but I get up again”…, my phone ringing…

Pranav: Hi?
Z: Good Morning…
Pranav: when will you reach at my place?
Z: 5 mins…
Pranav: take 15 as I have just got up
Z: cool, see you in 15

Music- “I get knock down, but I get up again”…, my phone ringing again…

Satya: Where are you?
Z: Hello, Where are you? (It’s always better to ask a question when you really don’t have an answer)
Satya: I have reached the meting point, where are you? (He was actually at his home trying to push, as I do with project datesJ)
Z: I am on my way, just need to pick Pranav (yet to start from home)
Satya: see you…

Music- “I get knock down, but I get up again”…, my phone ringing again (Unstoppable) …
Could not pick (Vikrant Called)

I called back…
Z: Hello will be there in 10 minutes…
Vikrant: Ok

I rushed and set for Pranav’s house, he was standing outside; we zoomed to old EITS office to collect rest of the gang (Pranav, Vikrant, and Satya)
So we all set for one great outing on a fresh and calm Sunday morning, in our standard commutation medium, my old blue 800.

Calmness was crushed with some good music coming out from big old speaker set in cars boot, we rolled towards Jaipur-Agra highway, and none of the other member has visited this place (Galta Ji) obviously not the mountains too. First time is always exciting as it’s all new for you and have no picture painted in mind, except one in painted to convince them?
It was 15 odd minutes and we reached Galta Ji, I am still deciding in mind, what trek area to explore today with the gang, to set right spirits…
We parked the car, and started moving towards Galta Ji’s vally, mountains on both sides, a classic old time feeling which I always get when I reach here, feeling of being a part of these high mountains.
It was 5:45 now and we started walking towards our starting point, I vaguely remembered the place and exact points, and things have changed since the last time I visited this place. In order to catch the sun rise we started quickly, as soon we reached the starting point I was surprised to see such a greenery with only 2 days of rain it was all dense and I could not find the trail to follow.
With fear of snakes and wild out of their homes due to rain we started on the trail, the freshness of a clean environment and smell of fresh rain filling our lungs and charging us, we started the hike.
We skipped the idea of rock climbing due to dampness on rocks and Beta-Trek did not need that :).

Pranav leading the path with his no-fear attitude and experience of jungles and hills, the trek was exciting and we reached the broken wall “a sign of marvelous view” and starting of hilltop.
Everyone was mesmerized with breathtaking view from the top the wind and the vastness. I told all to start moving again as there is more to come…

It took us 10 more minutes and 21 thorns in my shoe to reach their, this is point on the mountain from here you can see whole City and city which is not yet exploited, it still have planes and is in form on nearby villages, soon to be destroyed with invasion of cropping builder population of Jaipur.
This point is at a vertical drop point of mountain therefore the view is awesome and hair-raising. Wind blowing straight in your face, it’s like a high you get from being on top of the world. Some moments of silence and I smell chips, now where did it came from?, our over prepared candidate (Vikrant) was carrying idli’s and Chips with ketchup bottle for early morning breakfast but with limited water. It was fun to have hilltop as breakfast table in the morning, with sunrise it was a nice feeling.

After fooling around and boasting about our visit also feeling what other people are missing and possibilities of getting more people here, we started our downward journey from hill, the mist has now settled on the rocks making them slippery but we managed to get back safely promising our self to come again very soon.

Enjoy the pictures…

(Team Members Pranav- QE, Vikrant-DEV, Satya-DEV)