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If there were a formula for living success… from the inside out, it would look like this:

Being + Doing + Having = Success… from the INSIDE OUT

Many people have this backwards. Their formula for success is like this:

Having + Doing + Being = Success…from the OUTSIDE IN

One of my clients was faithfully following this OUTSIDE IN formula when he first came to me. His goal was to make lots of money by the time he was 40 so he could then quit his job, finally do the work he loved, and live the life he really wanted. He was working long hours to pursue this goal, had a BMW and latest toys, and yet rarely had time to spend with his wife, friends, and family. He couldn’t understand why his life lacked meaning.
Many people have their priorities upside down. They got bogged down in the HAVING stage. They can’t get past in to the BEING stage because they feel like they don’t have enough yet. They think that what defines their success is how much money they have, the people they know, and things they possess.

My client is now in the process of turning his priorities by following the INSIDE OUT formula to success. He’s finding that to have a fulfilling, joyful, and successful life, it’s essential to first:

1. BE

Be yourself. Know who you really are. Know what’s most important to you. Know what makes you unique. Know what you do the best. This introspection and clarity will take you to second stage.

2. DO

Do those things you do the best. Use your gifts and talents in a way that help other. Touch people in the meaningful ways. Leave a lasting legacy. This takes you to the third stage.


Have a life, not just a lifestyle. A life oriented around what’s most important to you. A life spent with those who matter most to you. A life with financial rewards for doing what you love to do.

Which formula do you subscribe to? If it’s the OUTSIDE IN formula, then it’s time to turn that around. Re-designing, your life around the INSIDE OUT formula is an evolving process. Start by saying no to HAVING as your primary goal and commit to turning your priorities around. Decide today to say yes to BEING first, and the DOING and HAVING will naturally follow. Now you are on your way to living success… from the inside out.

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A ride to Mountains...with car of the nation

A ride to Mountains…with car of the nation

It was a clear mountain call; I got up at 4 am and planned to leave early morning for the hills.
I was in Jalandhar, a town in Punjab. I was short of time as my planned vacation got shrink due to unforeseen circumstances. So I geared up with standard stuff required for traveling, my rucksack was loaded and mind all set. It was 6:30 am already and no sight of taxi (which I called for early that morning).
Things were getting out of sync, so I called for plan II. Took out the alternate vehicle of the house, a mighty Maruti 800, this was one of the house cars owned by my uncle as a second car. This was a 2005 model, underused and well kept, with lot of arguments of me not having enough experience of driving in hills, finally I got the keys.
I stuffed the car with everything required, my aunt, her friend and her daughter, oh! Also lot of home made snacks like special Punjabi Aalo ka paranthas and kulche.
Oil checked, coolant checked, lets role… we started at 7:45 for Himachal Pradesh, no plan in sight it was just a ride without a destination.
After a ride of almost 1 and a half hour on flats across Punjab, suddenly we were elevated 10 degrees towards north; we had reached the footsteps of Himalayas.
Sight was overwhelming and scary as the huge mountains stood in front, and me on a Maruti 800 (The most underpowered petrol car available in the country).
I shifted the gear to second and engine roared as I put full throttle on the accelerator.
With thoughts of not able to make it and engine getting over heated in mind, I still drove the car in first 2 gears to get us on the curvaceous hills.
There we are, after traveling almost 45 minutes we were on a small hit top to take a breather and refuel the car, great sight we could see snow on mountains very far. It was a breathtaking view.
Seeing a board in front, this road lead to Chintkurni Mata and Chamba devi temples, here we go, we got ourselves destinations. Chintkurni Mata was 80 KMS from there. So we planned to reach there ASAP, stomach filled with buttery paranthas and lassi we roared with a plan in sight.
It was a very good height and elevation, so the car had to be in lower gears to maintain the throttle required.
The car had no issues, Maruti has really done a great job on the car, the first Indian car having a life span of more then 25 years now, powered with a 798 CC giving out power of only 36 BHP and torque of only 59 Nm, we were still driving fast and churning kilometers, this was my first road test of the car in these conditions and I was impressed.
So we reached chintkurni mata in only 2 hours, not bad for 80 KMS on mountains, including two breaks for great views on the hills.
The temple was good and flooded with people, as it was the last navratra and people had come from many places to visit this very famous temple.
Some more photographs and we were ready to roll back to Jalandhar. We visited many temples on way back as my aunt is very religious and her logic says if we are passing from any temple on the way, we should visit it, without any arguments on this I stopped on every temple on the way, there were only threeJ.
We reached home well in time for dinner as coming down was a bit fast and car was still running good, salute to Maruti for making such an amazing car which took mountains with a roar…