Monday, May 17, 2010

Do what you want to do…

Two issues which people face with this idea.

Finding our interest & working on what we feel is good to do or inspires us.
What stops us from doing this? We ourselves…nothing surprising about this answer, but how?

What happens is that we think how this answer can be so easy and if it is then why we did not had this option earlier when we were getting stuck with what we were doing. We got stuck with what we were doing as it came about as an easy option to adapt. And whenever we take and easy path we kill out original self and dreams. This in-turn will suck away all the zeal we have for life.

So now the million dollars question, how to get back on track? I am keying down my current thought for the solution. It’s important for me too.

Make a list of things you think can bring you out of this state (If you think you are in a state :) ). Once you have list ready, contemplate the idea of what you have to loose to achieve this. Figure out some interesting award for your own self once you achieve this. And final rule which is most important, if you can’t find like minded people, learn to walk alone and grow alone.

Being like everyone around you is very easy; being what you want to be is the goal. Believe me it is the only lesson we are here for, doing what you want to do.

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