Monday, October 02, 2006

Vijay Dushmi !!

Today is Vijay Dushmi, the day when Lord Rama brought Ravana to end.
I was also called to a small get together at park in front of my house, at first I thought its auspicious to see all this and being a audience to victory of Rama in some weird reincarnation type of way.
But when I saw grass of the park getting spoiled with all those crackers etc, I felt really sick. I thing people don’t understand the word spiritual, it’s a difficult word to follow any way, but it certainly propagates thought of not being pitiless towards nature.
I mean do you see how much we pollute the nature during these festivals, and then we talk about no rain, not having good weather and hate harsh sun in October.
Lot of things are changing around us, buying a SUV to show the muscle of our money is unsympathetic and very annoying for nature, SUV drinking gallons of gasoline for few kilometers is rude.
So people we need some change here and need to make the work a better place to live.
How MJish this last line is, but any way do keep this in mind. :-)

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pallav said...

now thats CIVIC SENCE. I feel civilized now after 25 years. Long period humm