Monday, October 02, 2006

Agitation !

Don’t you think world around us is changing rapidly, faster then we can imagine, it make ones head spin when you are searching something on internet, there are millions of pages to go through before you get exact match, thanks to Google, its like Metallica uttering out trillion words in a sec.
Movies like “before sunset” and “Sideways” are not made any more, sometimes I feel this is a bad time to be in. every one seems to be in a race, which has no pit stops.
But then you see movies like Swadesh, Rang De Basanti, Gangajal, Apaharan and lastly Lage raho munnbhai.
All these movies brought an agitation in the world around us, I felt very satisfied when I watched these movies, that yes there are people who are thinking about how to get this country to progress path, I might be wrong but movements are necessary, to liberate any region/country/company from its stuck up attitude.
There is phenomenon where people attempt to speak on any topic even if they don’t know anything about, these days there is a new word “Gandhigiri”, young guns are searching this word on google to have something to speak upon, but they are disillusioning them selves and the world around them by not knowing anything and discussing, this will not get the word closer to any conclusion and yes conclusions are very necessary and people should think about it.


pallav said...

Agitation is the necessarily I don't see any effect in over populated countries. Resources scarcity + corrupt Netas = public outcry + agitation. Check out Corporate movie a little genuine portrayal of democracy.

I too dream of Ideal states

Machismorider said...

the only thing one concludes in one's life is life itself. Nothing really comes to an end. It is like The train that travels half the distance and then half of that half and so on(Classic eg of Derivative)World is changing no doubt, but we can choose to create out own world around us. that is what people who live according to their life choices do. It is something like i having a fascination for a contessa classic or my vijay super or my enfield. world around me has moved on to the V-rod or a honda goldwing. We are also afraid to make a choice. I am.