Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Water & Media

In a city like Jaipur people who are socially active have a great concern regarding water resources. This has brought along a revolution around conservation, government activity, media writing, and giving good coverage to the subject.

There are articles about saving this world by preserving water. With clear suggestions like water harvesting for storing rain water, growing more trees and avoiding cutting of trees as a result keeping the green belt intact. This all looks very good theoretically but is this hype real. Does it impact the regions where it should affect most, or it is just another suppression regime for mediocre people.

I think people who read all this have started feeling guilty while over using of water, does that help? Of course it does but to what extent, I say maximum 10% out of 100% which is possible.

Rest 90% of water is being exploited by big organizations like the ones which print this news (Media) the paper they use, uses huge amount of water and they never recycle it. Paper is made of recycled paper or direct wood from trees. It is amazing, a newspaper which writes to save trees and then prints on a paper which is made of trees, what a contradiction.

Chemical factories, cloth processing plants, paint processing plants, bottled water plants these are the big capital concerns made for exploiting middle class masses and drying up most of the water resources. But at the end of the day who is told to plant trees and save water, poor common man, Amazing.

Are we really thinking….?

Zubin Malik


Pallav said...

We should start a company 1800-SAVE-TREE or 1800-BE-GREEN

Zubin Malik said...

So true... I try to fight a battle almost every Sunday with park operators in my area, why not to legalize it... Much better, nice Idea BILLY...